crucifying verses

October 6, 2009

(A reading from the first book of Sarahi to the Religious Oppressor)

i have biblical verses in distress
causing me stress
deprive me of rest
claiming to tell me what’s best.

but i must clarify
to rectify
and crucify
words that nullify
my very existence.

i didn’t come from no ribs
that’s all just a fib
that gives permission for men to sit wearing their bibs
pouring sauce all over our lib–eration
to create an erection
multiplying for recreation.
the sensation,
a connotation
…this is…
how it’s supposed to be.

i am no man’s crown,
for i will make him drown.
pull him down,
with the weight of my frown.

don’t force feed
my desire to need
the complete opposite
of your greed.

no man is head of me
cause i was born free.

here is my own book of revelation:
my relation,

an elation, a declaration,
an affirmation…

and so i crucify those verses
and resurrect a new scripture
that paints the real picture:

i am beautifully and wonderfully created.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2009


October 3, 2009

you find her
tucked away
between the pages
of an old book.

nestled in the folds
of that journal
with the tethered corners.

she is
that intransitive verb,
that noun that rolls of your mouth,
your imperfect preterit.

she is
another notch
in your belt of leather sorrows.

her words
onto the journal
of your flesh.

it’s time
to de-compose the essay.

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2009