five more minutes

September 29, 2009

we were kids
when our
silly laughter filled
linen built forts.

our wishes
flying on paper airplanes,
launched from barred windows,
eight stories high.
our imagination
took us around the world.

we made on our own
baseball stadium
in that patch of grass
behind abuela’s building.
hurling newspaper filled curve balls
at duck-taped wiffle bats.
between the tree trunks,
all was fair territory.
over the fence,
a homerun.

and we ran…

chasing squirrels.
playing tag.
hanging on monkey bars.

we played handball.
stuffing chewed gum
onto milk caps,
for another round of skully.

walking down 125th
from west side to east side
to meet up with our cousins
-our best friends.

Titi’s refreshing juice
painted our laughter red.
and that quarter Mami gave us
tucked away in our sneakers
provided sugar filled afternoons
in front of the TV to the tune of

i could live in these memories…
“just five more minutes, please.”

~Sarahi Yajaira, 2009

One Response to “five more minutes”

  1. Mayra Says:

    Absolutely loved this poem…it kind of reminds me of my own childhood and how different and wonderful it used to be…we may have been poor in a way..but rich in history, family and love…
    Keep up the good work…
    Love u…

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